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Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain refers to pain that has lasted for a number of months or years. It differs fron acute pain which usually signals an injury or an immediate physical problem. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on calming, relaxation techniques that change the way pain is experienced and perceived. It helps focus the mind on the positive aspects of the present and future. In addition, it helps you focus on and develop habits and behaviours that will ease pain, lower stress levels and relax the nervous system to reduce awareness of the sensations. Hypnotherapy helps to create a steady flow of serotonin which helps to interrupt pain signals received by the brain.

Hypnotherapy can train the brain to refocus attention on the more positive aspects of your life that produce the right chemical responses that help to ease the pain. If you would like to know more why not book FREE initial consultation now?

Hypnotherapy for stress

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Solution Focused hypnotherapy uses techniques based on neuroscience to empower clients to unlock their full potential and bring about effective and lasting change.

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Please note that results can vary from person to person.  Like all therapies, results cannot be guaranteed.

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You can literally change your mind - your brain has an amazing ability to change, it’s called neuroplasticity and this can be engaged by thought alone.. Together we can harness that ability to bring about the positive changes you are seeking .