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Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is a recognised mental health condition that can affect many aspects of your life …from your relationships, your sleep, your physical health, and your motivation to get things done. You may have found that you no longer have the ability to experience pleasure and interest in activities that used to be so enjoyable. At our first session you will start to understand how your brain creates depression and why you are suffering in this way. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy that can help to get you thinking and feeling more positive, establishing strategies to move you forward and discover the best version of you, no longer caught in that cycle of negativity and depression. If you would like to know more about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you break free from the grip of depression please contact me for a FREE initial consultation.



Initial consultation is free
Subsequent sessions (60mins) £70

Are you ready to unlock your full potential ?

Solution Focused hypnotherapy uses techniques based on neuroscience to empower clients to unlock their full potential and bring about effective and lasting change.

What clients say

Please note that results can vary from person to person.  Like all therapies, results cannot be guaranteed.

Did you know?

You can literally change your mind - your brain has an amazing ability to change, it’s called neuroplasticity and this can be engaged by thought alone.. Together we can harness that ability to bring about the positive changes you are seeking .