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Hypnotherapy to Improve Performance

We are all aware of how anxiety and the wrong mindset can interfere with performance, so hypnotherapy, which can reduce the amount of anxiety and stress you experience, helps you to be at your best when it counts. Other techniques such as mental rehearsal and visualisation have been proven to be extremely beneficial for honing your skills and perfecting moves – so they become second nature and really useful for overcoming mental or physical blocks. Sporting and other skills can be enhanced quite remarkably by utilising the power of our mind in a positive way. ​​Mental rehearsal builds confidence and concentration and allows us to develop techniques that help our performance – studies have shown that when we ‘imagine’ performing an action or technique regularly we develop neural connections in the brain in the same way as if we were physically practising that technique, the muscles remember the action in the same way as the brain.

These techniques can be used across many disciplines – singing, dance, music, sports etc. So if you are seeking to improve a skill, book a FREE consultation to find out how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you too.

Hypnotherapy for relaxation

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Solution Focused hypnotherapy uses techniques based on neuroscience to empower clients to unlock their full potential and bring about effective and lasting change.

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Please note that results can vary from person to person.  Like all therapies, results cannot be guaranteed.

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You can literally change your mind - your brain has an amazing ability to change, it’s called neuroplasticity and this can be engaged by thought alone.. Together we can harness that ability to bring about the positive changes you are seeking .