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Hypnotherapy for Mind Reset

Sometimes life is perfectly fine but you just want MORE in some way… more peace, more direction, more purpose .. but you feel that your mind is not helping you move towards the goals you want to achieve or living life in the way you really want. Research shows that your mindset can play a significant role in determining your life’s outcomes. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you harness your brain’s ability to change (neuroplasticity) to develop that mindset you desire. Solution focused techniques help you to discover the way you want your future to look and will help convince your brain of the benefits of that life so that it works for you in achieving all that you want. During sessions you will reframe unhelpful thoughts and find new ways of moving forward. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you access that part of the brain that works well for us, allows us to put problems in perspective and helps us to discover new ways of thinking and behaving for our benefit and to solve our problems.


Are you ready to unlock your full potential ?

Solution Focused hypnotherapy uses techniques based on neuroscience to empower clients to unlock their full potential and bring about effective and lasting change.

What clients say

Please note that results can vary from person to person.  Like all therapies, results cannot be guaranteed.

Did you know?

You can literally change your mind - your brain has an amazing ability to change, it’s called neuroplasticity and this can be engaged by thought alone.. Together we can harness that ability to bring about the positive changes you are seeking .