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Hypnotherapy for Motivation

Isn’t it odd how we suddenly need to clean out the cutlery drawer just when we should be getting on with a much more important task? So why is it so difficult to take the necessary action? You might think that you are lazy or lack self discipline … but actually we can explain it in terms of your brain being made up of ‘two minds’ – one part of your brain we call the intellectual mind – this part is solution focused, goal driven and positive – it loves a challenge !! The other part of the brain (and this is the bit that causes the problem) is the primitive limbic system and is only concerned with your survival, you might know it as your flight, fight, freeze system. Now, when our anxiety rises and this can be because we have negative thoughts about a task to be done or we are negatively forecasting the future (I always mess things up etc etc) or thinking about what other people might think of us, this primitive part of our brain takes control …. And because you have had negative thoughts about the task, this part thinks that avoiding doing that task is key to our survival! As you may have gathered, this primitive part ..whilst it can be highly influential is not the brightest knife in that cutlery drawer! This part is also very negative .. so adds to the already negative thoughts you are having about the task … and so the need to avoid increases…So to get motivated you need the intellectual brain to take control back .. and this is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help ..it reduces levels of anxiety and stress, gets you focusing on small goals and helps you to change unhelpful mindsets all of which then allows your intellectual brain to take back control .. and you feel motivated, positive and up for a challenge.. ! Get in touch now to book your FREE initial consultation to find out how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnotherapy for relaxation
Hypnotherapy for relaxation

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Solution Focused hypnotherapy uses techniques based on neuroscience to empower clients to unlock their full potential and bring about effective and lasting change.

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You can literally change your mind - your brain has an amazing ability to change, it’s called neuroplasticity and this can be engaged by thought alone.. Together we can harness that ability to bring about the positive changes you are seeking .